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Inauguration Thursday, June 17, 2022 at 7 p.m. in the Robayera Room. Cudon. Cantabria
Opening Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 7 p.m. at the Álvaro Alcázar Gallery, Madrid.
José Luis Serzo participates in an exhibition on the limits of psychiatry together with other artists in Belgium.
José Luis Serzo in ESTAMPA
From October 21 to 24, 2021 in Madrid, you can see work by José Luis Serzo at the Siboney Gallery Stand at ESTAMPA.
PROJECTS AND OTHER GERMINAL DRAWINGS, OR some Strange events in Salamanca lands
Dear friends, we have the immense pleasure of inviting you to three simultaneous events that will occur in an extraordinary way, and again, in the lands of Salamanca. First of all, we are waiting for you in my next exhibition Projects and other germinal drawings, which opens next Friday 2 July at 18h in La Salina, Exhibition Hall of the Diputación de Salamanca. A peculiar exhibition where, for the first time, I show
José Luis Serzo shows his creative intimacy in La Salina de Salamanca
José Luis Serzo shows his creative intimacy in La Salina de Salamanca The manchego artist José Luis Serzo exhibits until August 29 'Projects and other germinal drawings' in La Salina de Salamanca, an exhibition in which several of his installations are present but also notebooks and loose sheets of how new ideas and compositions germinated for the proposals that he has approached museums and rooms in different parts of the country.
Michael Burton Junior travels to the Artizar Gallery in La Laguna.
José Luis Serzo (Albacete, 1977) presents his second solo exhibition at the Artizar Gallery after Scenes and Events inside and outside a Teatrorum, in June 2016. On this occasion, and under the title Morphology of the encounter, Serzo exhibits one of his most recent series, with half a dozen totally unreleased works.
ARCHIMETRIC arrives in Santiago de Compostela
In an unprecedented collaboration, the TRINTA and METRO galleries of Santiago de Compostela come together to present ARCHITRIC. HISTORY OF A CONNUO RENACER, last series by the Manchego artist José Luis Serzo.
ARCHIMETRIC awarded at several international festivals
Award Best Creative Vision for the short film of ARCHITRIC International Thai Film Festival 2020 / Special Award. Thailand Award Best Photography for the short film of ARCHITRIC MosFilmFest 2020. Moscow. Best Actress Award for the 2020 ARCHIMETRIC Short Film (Ana Serzo). Finalists at ARFF Amsterdam 2020 3 nominations for archiMETRIC short film at the Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival 2020: Best Music, Best Editing and Best Cinematography
MORPHOLOGY OF THE ENCOUNTER at the Cabo Mayor Art Centre in Santander
MORPHOLOGY OF THE ENCOUNTER at the CABO MAYOR ART CENTER in Santander. After its passage through the room of Francisco de Goya in the UNED in Barbastro, the series "Morphography of the Encounter" arrives on July 11 at the Centro de Arte Cabo Mayor in Santander. Morfogía del Encuentro' tells the story of Michael Burton Junior, a senior finance executive inspired by the...
THE INITIATE, in Casal Solleric. Palma de Mallorca
Rat 1 - You know, I don't know how long I'm going to put up with this situation... this man stays up almost every night working... It's unbearable! After the noise they make with the renovation all day, there's no one to sleep! I don't know how long I'm going to put up with this situation... this gentleman stays almost every night working... It's unbearable! After the noise they make with the renovation all day, there's no one to sleep! Rat 2.- I've already told you that if you use earplugs you won't find out... but keep on with your stubbornness...
ARCHIMETRIC. Stories of a continuous rebirth
Almost as a vital necessity, in Archimétrica, the project we presented at the CAB, the artist has expanded his usual imagery to the cinema. Pure cinema, worked according to the canons of the genre: Storyboard, stage construction, illuminators, cameramen and actresses have allowed to give life to a singular story: a fight between life and art, a real dispute between the visions that have somehow determined the evolution of art since modernity...
JOSÉ LUIS SERZO at JUSTLX with the HEARTBEATS gallery. Lisbon
HEArTBEATS' Latin American Art lands at JUSTLX The gallery based in Mexico City will present for the second consecutive year in Portugal a selection of works by Latin American artists Abraham Jiménez, Paulina Jaimes, Escoto + Carrara, Anahi H. Galaviz, Horacio Quiroz, Mateo Pizarro, Taller Daroal and Guillermo García Cruz .
THE FORMS OF THE SOUL at the Servantes Institute. Belgrade
The thread of this original and impressive exhibition, which brings together the work of some of the most important contemporary artists in Spain, is spirituality and the various ways of understanding and representing the soul. The creative process arises from the reading of texts by the writer Teresa de Ávila and the conversations between the curator and the artists, which nourishes and gives life to the project. "The Forms of the Soul" is structured in three parts by which the public...
GOLDEN WOOL DREAMS at Artesantander with Heartbeats Gallery
DREAMS OF GOLDEN WOOL in ARTESANTANDER with the gallery HEARTBEATS from 13 to 17 July at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos in Santander The Mexican gallery HEARTBEATS makes its debut in the fair ARTESANTANDER with the project DREAMS OF GOLDEN WOOL, continuation of the series "The dream of the king (of the Republic). The King's Dream (of the Republic)...
JOSÉ LUIS SERZO at SINGULAR 2019 with Victor Saavedra Gallery. Barcelona
Serzo participates in the collective exhibition "Singular 2019" at the Victor Saavedra gallery, Barcelona.
VIDEO TRIALS FOR A GREAT WORK in the XII Video Art Award. Breton Hall of Astillero
The City Council of Astillero bets one more year, and it is already twelve editions, for the support to the artistic manifestations that have as support the new technologies with the delivery of the Video Art Awards. "Marilyn Monroe wants to talk to Warhol" by Christian Flores has won this year the first prize which will be awarded this Friday, July 12th, in the Sala Bretón...
THEATRORUM. GOLDEN WOOL DREAMS at the Rex Cinema Theatre in Casas Ibañez
The artist José Luis SERZO, born in Casas Ibáñez in 1977 (Albacete) and living in Madrid since 1998, will exhibit one of his most significant series, TEATRORUM- SUEÑOS DE LANA DORADA, at the TEATRO CINE REX in La Mancha. Taking advantage of the celebration of the local festivities, the City Council of Casas Ibañez has wanted, with this exhibition, to recognize the trajectory of the ...
Inauguration of the ESPACIO SERZO MORILLE in Morille
The Morille Town Hall and the artist José Luis Serzo will soon inaugurate the Serzo Space in the town. The Espace Serzo Morille is the result of an agreement between the aforementioned artist and the Town Hall, by virtue of which a sort of "living museum" has been created, which brings together a very significant part of Serzo's creative work and which, at the same time, will be shaped as a sort of "showcase" or "embassy" .
JOSÉ LUIS SERZO at the Madrid Art Week
Dear friends: We are pleased to invite you to the fairs where the work of José Luis Serzo will be present in the week of art in Madrid: The gallery RENACE of Baeza will make its debut in the international fair JUSTMAD with the work of Miguel Scheroff and José Luis Serzo For more information about the fair
In case you are lucky enough to be or go to Belgium these months, Barking Dogs & Drawing Rooms is a summer show where two late shows, due to the Coronavirus, melt into one. The exhibition organized for security reasons without opening begins on Sunday June 21 and runs all summer. The expo can be visited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each time from 2:00 to 6:00 pm or...
QUARANTINE UNIVERSE. Art in confinement, by Heartbeats Art Projects gallery
José Luis Serzo (Spain, 1977) is more than a multidisciplinary artist, he is a sensory communicator, a suspicious referent of expansive creation. Today he presents himself in Universo Cuarentena to give voice to the story of these days, in which he has had to move his studio into the domestic sphere. "Creation in times of confinement" is a material that has been born -once again- from the collaboration promoted by the interconnection platforms...
THE JOHANSSEN. In The Sea of Music. Cartagena
"LOS JOHANSSEN", collective exhibition curated by Proyectos T20, within the festival La Mar de Músicas, at the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena. Authors: Ángel Mateo Charris, Javier Arce, José Luis Serzo, Manuel Saro, Gonzalo Sicre, Francesc Torres and Pedro Guirao.
SIGNALS. Contemporary art exhibition XXV years of Artesantander
"SIGNALS", an exhibition of public and private collections from Santander and Cantabria, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of ARTESANTANDER. From the 3rd to the 13th of August in the "El Sardinero" Hall of the Exhibition Palace of Santander...
ARTNITCAMPOS. V Edition of Campos Art Festival. Mallorca
"ARTNITCAMPOS", 5th edition of the art festival in Campos, Mallorca, which combines plastic arts and music. More than 60 artists from different disciplines will participate in this event, which will be held in various spaces in the historic centre of Campos, from public and private buildings to streets and squares in the town...
TRIALS FOR A BIG WORK in RTVE’s program Metropolis
On Wednesday 26 October, the second part of "Conexiones, dibujo español contemporáneo" was broadcast on RTVE's Metrópolis programme, exploring the initiative of the ABC Museum and the Banco Santander Foundation, which is asking artists for a specific drawing project directed by the curator Oscar Alonso Molina. In this second chapter, we continue to get to know the rest of the exhibition projects in the competition, guided by Oscar and the artists .
JOSÉ LUIS SERZO in Setup Contemporary. Bolonia
During these days, José Luis Serzo has been in Bologna, at the SetUp contemporary art fair, with the Artizar gallery from Tenerife. Serzo's work has been presented as part of the project P(I)IGS CAN FLY, curated by Eleonora Battiston, bringing together the following galleries and artists: Artizar José Luis Serzo | Tenerife - Spagna Blanca Soto Arte Guillem Juan Sancho | Madrid - Spagna ...
SCENES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE THEATRE at the Siboney Gallery. Santander
Siboney Gallery presents "Escenas dentro y fuera del Teatrorum", an exhibition that proposes a transversal reading of the wide production of José LuisSerzo (Albacete, 1977), one of the most outstanding and recognized Spanish artists of his generation, and linked to the gallery since its beginnings.
STYLISTS at Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery. Madrid
Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery "Estilitas."[La extraña comunidad de la columna] 7 June - 24 July 2017 Curator: Fernando Castro Flórez. Artists: Javier Calleja, Regina José Galindo, Carlos León, Bernardí Roig, Avelino Sala, Domingo Sánchez Blanco, José Luis Serzo, Baltazar Torres and Filippos Tsitsopoulos. That saint for whom the earth is never enough is transformed into a stylite, climbs to the top of a column and offers himself, in an ascetic experience...
THE FORMS OF THE SOUL at the Instituto Cervantes. Madrid
This Wednesday, September 27th, Las formas del alma will be inaugurated at the Instituto Cervantes, curated by Susana Blas and bringing together the artists: Chechu Álava, María Bueno, Soledad Córdoba, Antonio F. Alvira, Santiago Lara, Mireya Martín, Vicky Méndiz, Paula Noya, Mapi Rivera, José Luis Serzo, SUSO33, Yolanda Tabanera, Marina Vargas, Juan Zamora...
JOSÉ LUIS SERZO in Drawing Room. Fine Arts Circle of Madrid
DRAWING ROOM Circle of Fine Arts Madrid. 21 to 25 February. Represented by Gema Llamazares Gallery. Gema Llamazares Gallery will attend the third edition of the Drawing Room with Soledad Cordoba and José Luis Serzo.
MORPHOLOGY OF THE ENCOUNTER at Galería Gema LLamazares. Gijón
José Luis Serzo presents individually his latest series, Morphology of the Encounter, the story of an archetypal character who is led to embark on an initiatory path in the search, perhaps, for the meaning of his life. The archetype that our character crystallizes, is inspired by the Wall Street films of the 80s. He is a high executive in finance who has managed to touch a professional ceiling, but at the same time has stepped on a spiritual background. That's how he'll be willing to dive in and accept his shadow...
SCENES AND EVENTS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE THEATRE in the provincial palace of the Diputación de Cádiz
A constant theatrical drive runs through the work of José Luis Serzo (Albacete, 1977). Dramaturgy, representation, scenic activity, network of artifices and polyphonic structure are key concepts in a work that, more than trying to communicate the expression of a producing subject, seeks to generate aesthetic events capable of stimulating and enabling the spectator's own eloquence...
TEATRORUM in Salamanca’s DA2
Video documentary of Jose Luis Serzo's exhibition in Salamanca's DA2 Directed and produced by Elephant Room Films Direction: Alejandra Gil de Biedma Edition and editing: José Alberto Reyes Postproduction: Alejandra Gil de Biedma Cameras: Silvestre López de la Llave Tristán Rosa José Alberto Reyes Drone: Jacobo Odissey Producciones
"The first glance at this exhibition produces a strong feeling of nostalgia. The spectator remembers that time when even the Cloister of Exhibitions of the Delegation of Cadiz arrived at important exhibitions; Eduardo Rodriguez kept the artistic spirit of the good fans expectant with samples of the greatest ...
Patatas Meléndez presents its new brand “LA REINA DE LAS PATATAS” created by JOSÉ LUIS SERZO in Fruit Atraction
Patatas Meléndez presents the brand "La Reina de las Patatas" in Fruit Atraction "This was our main objective, that our best quality should be in a package that the consumer can always identify and find when making a purchase. We believed that this was a shortcoming of this product", explained its General Manager, Javier Meléndez, adding that a totally innovative project had been developed...
MORPHOLOGY OF THE ENCOUNTER in the exhibition hall Francisco de Goya UNED. Barbastro
The series 'Morphology of Encounter' tells the story of Michael Burton Junior, a senior finance executive inspired by the Wall Street films of the 80s, who is led to embark on a path of initiation in the search, perhaps, for the meaning of his life. The archetype of the character has managed to touch his professional ceiling, but apparently also his spiritual background. He believes he has it all, money, power, women, as well as an incessant and corrosive dissatisfaction that gradually devours...
JOSÉ LUIS SERZO in charge of making the monument to the Tarazona de la Mancha Carnival
On 23 February a monument dedicated to this festival will be inaugurated, the work of José Luis Serzo, in the roundabout between La Roda and Madrigueras avenues. The Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government, the Albacete Provincial Council, the City Council and the Carnival Association staged their "joint work" this Tuesday to ensure that the Tarazona Carnival is declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest...