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I Ming's dreams

Small - Yellow

2008 - 2009

From his monumental "Fantastic Flight of Kite Man"

exhibited at the Centro de Arte Joven of the Community of Madrid. 2004, Albacete Museum 2005,
Galería Ferran Cano, Palma 2006, etc), passing through his recent “Familasia, la isla de los virtuosos” (exhibited at the Siboney gallery in Santander 2007 and at ARCO’08), comes “Los sueños de I Ming” with a character who has already made his small appearance with Blinky Rotred, the comet man, and that now he will be the one to tell us and translate in his own handwriting the adventures of his friend I Ming, a seven-year-old Chinese boy who finds no limit between reality and his imagination and with the incredible capacity to carry out all his dreams.

In this new exhibition, José Luís Serzo opts for a more intimate and profound register, if possible, with regard to each one of the pieces separately, managing to concentrate on each work/anecdote, a plastic forcefulness and a humble, reflexive craft.

These are works that, once again, manage to situate themselves in that point where the discourse and a current consciousness happily coexist with the voices of the past, the eternal, the universal.

José Luís Serzo presents us, once again, a demanding work with a humanist background; an overflowing imagination to carry out a vital, spiritual and optimistic story.

An exhibition, in short, rich in quotes and allusions (to cinema, literature, comics or the history of art itself) to convey a message of hope and idealism that is certainly revolutionary for the times.