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I Ming on the outskirts of Zhougzhuang Flying His Kite

Oil on canvas

40 x 30cm


On the outskirts of Zhouzhuang, about seven kilometers to the northeast, is "the mountain of flames". It took this name because of a fire that set the mountain and part of the city on fire in some distant era of its history. There, I Ming and I used to sit on the rocks to watch the sunset of Zhouzhuang and wait for the sighting of anything, even if it was a good idea. The idea seen that day was that I Ming would raise his kite while a fire would light up the scene. I told her that the fire not only warmed the air but also regenerated the bad energies that were parading around. I told her about my actions in nature, just like the one we were doing that afternoon. I told her about my unusual experiences with the elements, my rituals of communion and consecration with the seasons and nature itself... Meanwhile, I Ming looked at me smiling with the fire reflected in her slanting eyes. Evening fell; the sky became a romantic picture, and we flew a kite while the fire warmed our pants and lit us up