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José Luis Serzo in Cronos

March 2021

RTVE – Special report to José Luis Serzo in telecanarias news

April 2021

Reporting to José Luis Serzo in the news of Telecanarias presenting his exhibition of Michael Burton Junior.

Archimetric’, to total work do artist José Luis Serzo na gallery Trinta de Santiago

March 2021

Archimetric’, to total work do artist José Luis Serzo na gallery Trinta de Santiago in G24

We talked to José Luis Serzo

We spoke with the artist José Luis Sarzo about his exhibition “Morfología del encuentro”, presented in March 2021 at the Artizar Gallery.

Quarantine Universe. José Luis Serzo. Art in Confinement José Luis Serzo. Madrid 2005-2009

José Luis Serzo (Spain, 1977) is more than a multidisciplinary artist, he is a sensory communicator, a reference suspicion of expansive creation.

Courtesy © @joseluisserzo

Collaboration Project: @tumaletin_artblog & @artprojectinside
Curatorship & Texts: @anagballate @yudinela_ortega @yadiradearmas
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September 2019

Documentary about the artist José Luis Serzo. Made by Ménfora Plus

La Contraseña. José Luis Serzo in Tv Almansa

September 2019

Interview made by Tv Almansa to the artist José Luis Serzo.

José Luis Serzo. Madrid 2005-2009 CAB. ARCHIMÉTRICA

September 2019

Almost as a vital necessity, in Archimetrics, the project we present at the CAB, the artist has expanded his usual imaginary to cinema. Pure cinema, worked according to the canons of the genre: Storyboard, stage construction, illuminators, cameramen and actresses have allowed to give life to a singular story: a fight between life and art, a real dispute between the visions that have somehow determined the evolution of art since modernity. Geometry and reason, equilibrium, neatness, calculation and normative abstraction versus chaotic expressiveness, symbolism, alienation and imagined figuration.

Tarazona de la Mancha Carnival Monument

February 2019

Andai Films

Jose Luis Serzo , “THE INITIATE”, Barjola Museum

January 2019

Barjola Gijón Museum. 2018

TEATRORUM of José Luis Serzo

July 2018

Directed and Produced by Elephant Room Films

Universes that transcend reality

July 2018

José Luis Serzo (Albacete, 1977) invites us to follow the stories of his alter ego Blinky Rotred in the Hall of the Cloister of the Provincial Council this summer. Scenes and events inside and outside the Teatrorum’ will be open to the public until September 7th. In the words of the provincial deputy for culture, Salvador Puerto, “a shocking exhibition, which will leave no one indifferent”.

Scenes and events inside and outside the Teatrorum’ Cloister of the Cadiz Provincial Council.

July 2018

Exhibition Cloister of the Provincial Palace. From 12 July to 07 September 2018

Untied – 18 José Luis Serzo, Multidisciplinary Artist – 05/01/18

May 2018

We travel to the studio of this curious artist to immerse ourselves in his fantasy worlds, created through different disciplines.

Metropolis – Connections: Contemporary Spanish Drawing 2

October 2016

This week Metropolis presents the second of two chapters where we explore “CONNECTIONS”, an initiative of the ABC Museum and the Banco Santander Foundation that asks artists for a specific drawing project directed by the curator Oscar Alonso Molina. In the second chapter we continue to learn about the rest of the exhibition projects in the competition, guided by Oscar Alonso Molina and the artists: Amparo Sard (“The Other”), Juan López (“Serious Ruins”), José Luis Serzo (“Essays for a Great Work”), Simon Zabell (“Drawing and Translation”), Elena Alonso (“The Space Around”), Marina Vargas (“The Lines of Destiny”).

José Luis Serzo at ARTIZAR Gallery

June 2016

Video of the exhibition “Escenas y sucesos dentro y fuera de un Teatrorum” presented by José Luis Serzo at Artizar Gallery in June 2016


January 2016

Short Film about the artists Okuda San Miguel and Jose Luis Serzo during his intervention on Desvelarte, the spanish art festival.


April 2015

Virtual tour of the exhibition “El sueño del Rey (de la República)” by José Lus Serzo. CEART ROOM B From 29 January to 8 March 2015

Exhibition: ‘The Dream of the King of the Republic’ by José Luis Serzo

March 2015

The dream of the King (of the Republic) tells the story of a king – anonymous – who from time to time to this part has dreams that trouble him; in them he himself sees himself as a shepherd, as a free man in full communion with his cattle and with nature. Although he continues to maintain command as he guides his flock as the king guides his subjects, the human being he discovers in his reverie is driven by the tranquility of the immaterial, of the elemental… Its roof is the satin and its bed is the earth itself.

José Luis Serzo

January 2015

La Naval_Proyecto Coyote

‘Conexiones 08. Rehearsals for a Great Work’ by José Luis Serzo

December 2014

The ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration and the Banco Santander Foundation welcome José Luis Serzo (Albacete, 1977), an artist of great personality in whose exhibitions the stories and scenes extend beyond the canvases. Essays for a Great Work’ is the first important institutional exhibition devoted to him in Madrid and it shows the largest collection of drawings gathered by the artist to date, including large-format pieces made for this occasion and starring Blinky Rotred, the artist’s alter ego, and his daughter Maya, the main characters in many of his works. To dialogue with his drawings, Serzo has chosen an illustration by Sileno entitled ‘This year’s Noah’s Tree’, which is part of the ABC Collection, and the sketch ‘Nymphs and Lovebirds’, made by Ignacio Pinazo in 1887 and now part of the Banco Santander Collection. The exhibition is curated by Oscar Alonso Molina.

José Luis Serzo. Madrid 2005-2009 Rehearsals for a great work

December 2014

The Connections programme, the result of collaboration between the Banco Santander Foundation and the ABC Museum in Madrid, is celebrating its eighth edition with the exhibition ‘Essays for a great work’ by the multidisciplinary artist José Luis Serzo (Albacete, 1977), known for his story exhibitions, which turns the ABC Museum into a stage where his drawings narrate an endless number of secrets and legends.

Jose Luis Serzo. Cigarreras

February 2014

In José Luis Serzo’s workshop

May 2012

Video PAC project “In the Workshop of…” where we enter the workplace of the artist José Luis Serzo.