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Morphology of the meeting

The story of Michael Burton Junior

2018 - 2019

'Morfología del encuentro' tells the story of Michael Burton Junior,

a senior finance executive inspired by the 1980s Wall Street films, who is forced to embark on an initiative in the search, perhaps, for the meaning of his life.

The archetype of the character has managed to touch his professional roof, but, apparently, also his spiritual background.

He believes he has everything, money, power, women, as well as a relentless and corrosive dissatisfaction that is slowly devouring, his whole being.

This is how he has realized that material has failed to cover up that existential rift that he has dragged since his childhood and, before falling into complete madness, he will be willing to dive and accept his shadow to undertake a real, as well as symbolic-spiritual journey, for each of his fears and prejudices.

His companion and confidant, James Schoendorff, will accompany him on this cathartic adventure, crossing a mental north pole laden with icebergs that, perhaps, is none other than his spiritual freezing and the coldness of his reasoning. This journey will be contrasted by archetypal apparitions of the warrior woman (Amazonas, Valkyries, Artemises or Perhaps the present femen), which manifest their fears and desires, the “eros and the tánatos” of the material paradigm, patriarchal-capitalist, which Michael Burton Junior represents, claiming the necessary communion with his “other self” more emotional, feminine and spiritual.
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