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Blinky, Maya & los Luciérnagos

Of the rehearsals for a Welcome


Part 1 Blinky Rotred, the comet man and his beloved Beatrice, had just inaugurated a new stage with the birth of their daughter Maya.

As it was expected, in our dear and idealistic Blinky, it has turned out to be a revolutionary trigger, believing firmly, that the arrival of his first daughter, entails a sort of messianic irruption where a new generation is inaugurated with the sufficient potential to bring, once and for all, a new more harmonic paradigm.
The Luciérnagos, the cast of actors and artists where his sister Anna Rotred is, prepare a welcome at the height of the expectations of the comet man.


-MATTIAS, director of the Fireflies

-ANNA ROTRED, the clown, sister of Blinky Rotred

-HADASA VOX, soprano.

JUAN DE MATA, the eternal secondary actor

ROBERTOPOR, the scriptwriter

BLINKY ROTRED, the comet man

BEATRICE PIEPER, alchemist, wife of Blinky Rotred

MAYA, daughter of Blinky and Beatrice.


First scene

We are facing an undetermined stay. A red backdrop embraces a large part of the scene showing a sunset in the background on one side.

You can see all kinds of stuff on the floor.

Mattías is in a white armchair going over a script. Behind him, Hadasa Vox and Juan de Mata spy on him in camouflage on the curtain.

Mattías.- No doubt it’s a good idea to welcome the daughter of the comet man, but Robertopor left the script unfinished again with his untimely departure – I always have to be on top of it to get things done and now we have to improvise again!

(Anna Rotred appears on stage euphoric, with some roles in hand, Hadasa and Juande Mata try to hide not to be seen by their unexpected arrival)

Anna Rotred.- I knew it, he really always thought about it and never told me! Robertopor considers me an activist! What a role he has given me! Right?

Mattías.- Don’t get your hopes up, you know that your brother considers his little girl a pilot fish for that “new solar generation”, and your role could mislead the message, it’s not finished, the most important thing is missing, the paradox, the closure, the chim-pum…

Anna Rotred.- Don’t worry, I’m sure Robertopor will come in time to solve it, and if not, then we’ll know how to find a good ending…the path is already laid out, you just have to follow it!

Mattías.- Follow him…? How far? If you can’t see the end because of the fog! And if there’s nothing behind it…? Or even worse, if we find a cliff or… a wall! Which way is that that we don’t know where it takes us, no matter how nice it is?!

Anna Rotred.- You’re always so pessimistic, so dramatic!

Mattias.- …excuse me, I’m a playwright.

Anna Rotred.-…as you wish, but the road will take us to a spectacular place, it says so at the entrance. Don’t you trust your intuition anymore?