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The fantastic flight of the comet man


Blinky Rotred has decided to achieve his dream, balance the elements of his reality and take advantage of the downwind to rise. To fly.

Flying over the earth and the wheat fields, touching the clouds and feeling the cold of the heights while the sun shows off its day by illuminating everything.

Blinky wants to rise like a simple kite, in a simple kite! If anything, an extension of himself. As they already did in China, according to Marco Polo, to augur naval voyages.

To do so, he counts on the help of his close people: his wife, Beatrice, will hold Blinky’s rope at all times so that he does not get lost in the air; his faithful friend, the architect G. del Olmo, will solve the technical and aerodynamic problems of his flight; the dressmaker Mateos will help him make the flight suit, and even the Mole Man himself, his admired antagonist, will serve as a reference and example in the costly pursuit and realization of a dream.

They will all trust your project and will be willing to help you.

“The fantastic flight of the kite man” tells us about a simple and eternal adventure in the history of mankind: the dream of flying.

Narrated through multiple disciplines: (painting, photography, reference objects, sculpture, video) and presented as a false documentary in an exhibition where reality and fiction go hand in hand to overwhelm us with a new legend.

After being curated by Estrella de Diego at the Centro de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, and having passed through the Museo de Albacete, and the Galería Sicart, “El fantástico vuelo del hombre cometa” lands at the Galeria Ferrán Cano with new and surprising passages and works.

An organic exhibition with a staging like a bizarre cabinet or a nineteenth-century fantasy museum, where the narrative character brings together a diversity of artistic disciplines that introduce the viewer to an intimate yet universal history
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