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Theatrorum as a Scenographic Machine

appears in series such as The Most Beautiful Story Ever Told, has been a kind of ghost present since the artist's beginnings in the Post Show series.
It is a device that has been gradually configured from the aspect of a mysterious booth to that culmination of a curtain closed on itself, built from a natural investigation and a sum of disciplines.

It can be a theatrical sculpture or a sculptural theatre, in short a mysterious object even for the artist. We can interpret it as a platform for art, or as a mystical source that brings together all kinds of beliefs, all of them and none of them.

This is how the space is presented, a stage where conflicts are developed in a critical key of the triad of characters/space/time. With Scenes and events inside and outside a Teatrorum, the artist establishes a time of negotiation of the mysterious relationship between each spectator and the staging he or she presents.

José Luis Serzo is the artist of storytelling, of stories that seem to follow a continuum of experiences that, from his perspective, are the development of the evolutionary logic of narration.

In them, the artist adopts an alter ego, Blinky Rotred, who surrounds himself with all kinds of inspired characters, most of the time with loved ones, tells and speaks from the other, from the other both subjective and spatial. The places are also others, changing with an intense faculty of transmutation from the logic of the dream.

Dalia de la Rosa