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The King's Dream


2014 - 2017

The King's Dream (of the Republic) tells the story of an -anonymous- king

who from time to time has dreams that disturb him; in them he sees himself as a shepherd, as a free man in full communion with his cattle and with nature.

This is how our protagonist realizes that he really dreams of being “another”, an “other” much more faithful to himself, more authentic, true and free.

Our king dreams of being master of his life and his destiny; he dreams of freeing himself from heavy gold chains, which, although they may appear immensely beautiful, deprive him of his inner beauty.

The old king is rejuvenated in his sleep, rebuilding his aching body amidst the bleating of his rams.

Although he continues to maintain command – since he guides his flock as the king guides his subjects – the human being he discovers in his reverie is driven by the tranquility of the immaterial, of the elemental…

Its roof is the satin and its bed is the earth itself.