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I Ming's room

Diverse materials and video

Variable measures


When I Ming told me about it, I never really believed it, even though I knew the unlikely peculiarities of my little friend. He told me to go to his house one day, before dawn, so that I could check it out with my own eyes. I took him at his word. That Tuesday I decided to stick to the early morning of my vacation in Zhouzhunag, to see if my friend was telling the truth. When I arrived at his house, I Ming was waiting for me on the stairs, euphorically rushing in silence so as not to wake up his family, because with the first rays, "that thing" would show itself in its true essence and beauty. The first rays of the sunrise could be seen projected on the wall in front of the window. And suddenly, with astonishment, I saw how, once again, my friend was not lying to me, making me a witness of another miracle. That majestic and enormous dragon appeared on the roofs of the silent city, in a multicoloured dance that could not compare to anything I had seen before in my life.