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Fantástica Sensación! I Ming Invisible

Diverse materials

120 x 115 x 60 cm


That rainy afternoon in Zhouzhuang we decided to stay at his place. You will see that with I Ming one must be open to wonder in any situation and context, however daily these may seem. Well, while we were discussing what to do, I Ming took the raincoat that his father had hung on the coat rack and we immediately realized that he could easily look like the invisible man. So, we proceeded to look for some bandages, some gloves, some brother's sunglasses and... voila! THE INVISIBLE MAN: THE INVISIBLE MAN AND MING. So we made up situations that our new character could provoke and we spent a few hours flying. When, suddenly, from the window a bee-eater burst into the room, perhaps looking for a shelter from the rain. We took advantage of the presence of our new visitor to continue with new and fruitful fantasies. And so, once again, I was able to witness another "marvel" that I was talking about. I Ming wanted to capture the bee-eater, taking advantage of the quality that his character offered, managing once again to break the limits between what he imagined and what really happened. For when she took off her glove, her invisible hand caught the bee-eater.