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José Luis Serzo shows his creative intimacy in La Salina de Salamanca


Exhibition Hall of La Salina until the end of August.

The Deputy of Culture, David Mingo, and the artist José Luis Serzo presented yesterday the exhibition ‘Projects and other germinal drawings’ that will remain in the Exhibition Hall of La Salina until the end of August.

The artist was described by Mingo as “groundbreaking and imaginative, creator of fantasy with a mastery of different techniques and artistic manifestations ranging from drawing, painting, photography, sculpture to theatrical architecture, which makes him a complete, total artist with contemporary features and Renaissance evocation”.

Five years ago, Mingo recalled, Serzo presented at the DA2 ‘Teatrorum’, a magical and surprising installation that collected the essence of the creative, imaginary and fantastic world. And what was presented yesterday at La Salina is “the genesis that gives rise to Serzo’s artistic composition, from the germinal drawings to the conclusion of the work”.

Thus, the exhibition contains the ‘germinal drawings’ that suggest the origin of its complex assembly installations. These are the sketches, studies and essays that constitute the genesis of his multifaceted work and attest to the origin of his creations.

“Through drawing, photography, objects, installations, video and literature, José Luis elaborates the common thread and tells us dream stories with an optimistic transcendence”, added the Deputy for Culture.

For his part, the artist pointed out that “it is the first time that I exhibit the drawings that were intended to be stored in notebooks, drawers, which have served me for the realization of installations that have been seen in several countries”. And he acknowledged that it gave him “a certain modesty to show some diaries; because some of the notebooks that are in the showcases for me are like intimate diaries, very personal, where the line emerges as an outline of an idea, sometimes very primitive”, But, he added, that perhaps “this also has its magic” and makes the exhibition “didactic, for those who have interest and curiosity about how the creative process is generated. Everything is born from a few small lines.” In addition, he indicated that the exhibition also “rescues” pieces from other exhibitions.