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QUARANTINE UNIVERSE. Art in confinement, by Heartbeats Art Projects gallery

June 2020

HEARTBEATS Art Projects Gallery

José Luis Serzo (Spain, 1977) is more than a multidisciplinary artist, he is a sensory communicator, a suspicious referent of expansive creation. Today he is presenting himself in Universo Cuarentena to give voice to the story of these days, in which he has had to move his studio into the domestic sphere. “Creation in times of confinement” is a material that has been born -once again- from the collaboration that interconnection platforms foster. An opportunity to get closer to Serzo’s work, and to share a space for creation and synergies with the Gallery , to whom we are grateful for the production of this audiovisual. The work of José Luis Serzo is visually overwhelming, disconcerting, reflective, sometimes hurtful, baroque, mystical and saving. The artist has constructed a dramaturgy in his pieces that constantly drinks, at a compositional and discursive level, of the language of the theatre, that which has allowed him to give life to parallel, dreamlike, almost meta-fantasy worlds. At times there is a disturbing break with reality and the narrative becomes immersive, like a riddle that is resolved in metaphors, symbolic allusions and life experiences; spaces that invite reflection from the most intimate and spiritual. Serzo has extrapolated all this to his video, he has let us enter his vital space, his area of creation, he shows us his recent works, and with them, that series of drawings that he has named: “portraits of confinement”, faces that have accompanied him in this journey towards a surrealist universe in which “normality” awaits us with open arms.

Courtesy © @joseluisserzo
Collaboration Project: @tumaletin_artblog & @artprojectinside
Curatorship & Texts: @anagballate @yudinela_ortega @yadiradearmas
Acknowledgements & Colaboració