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From the nights of Uncle Raimundus in the Familasian Jungle

Oil on canvas

200 x 146 cm


Private collection

Uncle Raimundo is Beatrice's daddy and, as I told you before, before our arrival at Familasia, I used to correspond with him euphorically, wandering around and making all sorts of contraptions. Raimundo is an incombustible person, with a restless spirit, revolutionary and worthy of canonization in many ways. He has so many hobbies, concerns and resources that we would have to publish a series of volumes in installments to catalogue his extensive curriculum. But to emphasize some of them, we will say that there is the one of intrepid trainer of the beasts of Familasia, entomologist (having in his credit unimaginable anthropomorphic species of all type, discovered and catalogued by himself), and the one of craftsman. Many nights he goes into the densest part of the Familiasia forest, carrying only a white linen cloth and a camping gas, "enough to make all the wonders of the place coincide in one place", in the words of Raimundo himself.