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Thursday, 19 January 2012
THE GALLERY LA LISA ARTE CONTEMPORANEO presents the exhibition: ALTERNATIVE WORLDS by the artist OSCAR SECO. Curated by Blinky R. Rodríguez. Opening Thursday 2 February at 20:00h.
Albacete, 20:00h on a cold Thursday, February 2, 2012; two clueless flies are perched in a strange window on Collado Piña Street. They watch what goes on inside while a scarce flow of people alternates the interior and exterior of this unlikely place known as La Lisa Arte contemporáneo.
Fly 1: – Indeed, it is he…

Fly 2:- Who?

Fly 1.- Oscar Seco, I can’t believe they brought him here… This guy brings them, these guys from La Lisa are playing with fire or maybe they work in the same forge. If they keep this up they’ll end up blowing this place up, I’ve seen it before. Maybe it’s another scheme of that weird guy who’s been hanging around these parts lately, this Blinky R. Rodriguez. Green dogs are attracted to each other, it’s clear… We’ll see how they get out of this.

Fly 2: – Here we are with your pseudo-cryptic phrases, Miss Graduate, what the hell are you talking about? I think he’s a very charming pop painter. Well, I don’t know… at first sight I say, hehe, but tell me what do you mean, who is this guy?

Fly 1:- I don’t know if I’m going to keep talking to you because I think it’s like talking to the same glass… but just so you can buy yourself a hot coffee, I’ll tell you that Oscar Seco is a real torrential storyteller, just like that; a painter of manners of “parallel worlds”, those “other worlds” that populate your deepest desires and terrors; the imagery of the West ends up like a blast from the hand of one of the most irreverent artists of resistance and authenticity of the moment. This guy is not just what he seems: an artist who fuses and confuses controversial periods of human history with the collective literary, pictorial and cinematographic fantasy, but he works in the background with something that you can never understand with that little head that God has given you…

Fly 2: – Well, the way you paint it girl… and for the time being… I don’t know whether to stop by or get the hell out of here immediately…!

J.L. Serzo Madrid, January 2012


Artist illustrator born in Madrid in 1964. Lives and works in Madrid. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and his artistic work, with a great narrative component, moves between illustration and animation through micro-stories, in some cases historical. His work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums in Spain (Blanca Soto Gallery Madrid, Ferran Cano Gallery Barcelona, Valle Orti Gallery, T20 Gallery Murcia, Ferran Cano Gallery Palma de Mallorca, Trinta Gallery Santiago de Compostela…) and international fairs (Red Dot Fair London, Diva Paris, Arteba Argentina, Scope Miami, Art Cologne, Diva New York, Balelatina Basel. His work is housed in collections such as Arte y Naturaleza, Fundación La Caixa or the Reina Sofía National Museum.