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Ugo the Chameleon of Familasia

Oil on canvas

100 x 81 cm


Private collection

Ugo is two years old, the youngest child in Familasia. He's a bit elusive, rather, he came out chameleon-like and mimetic, the boy. Come on, something hard to find. The first time he demonstrated this quality he was only three months old. He mimicked the wooden and wool cradle and his parents were like crazy looking for him for more than two hours all over the village. When Tío Raimundo found out about such an event, as a gift, he made him some glasses to define the symbol of his peculiar chameleon power. Thanks to these glasses, sometimes they can find him better, since they always reflect some ray of light that gives away the situation of the elusive Ugito. His father, Lucca the Centaur, cleans and polishes them every night. Before blending in with the environment, Ugo's pupils reflect the environment a little too much, his eyes are like two drops of "Mercury", and he usually pronounces a word that has yet to be deciphered... "penone".