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Serena playing on the west mount of Familasia

Oil on canvas

116 x 81 cm


Private collection

Little Serena is six years old, a precise age and slightly right for the development of one of her best qualities. Although I apologize, because right now I wouldn't know how to adjectivize. But...let's say it like this, she would make a good couple with my friend I MING, the little yellow one*, because just like him, she can easily develop many of her dreams, thus exalting the fantastic capacity and the imaginative power that only a child seems to be able to have (although as you will see, it seems that in Familasia everything is possible!). I have seen her become an almond tree in flower, also a tall snowy fir tree, a frizzled banana tree and an endless rose bush. I also saw her reading about a little cloud, sailing on a pompano and playing with the mountain of the west as part of her dress.

*see "The Dreams of I Ming, Little Yellow" coming soon in