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Arrival at Villa Familasia

Oil on canvas

81 x 60 cm


Private collection

We landed; Amelia came out of the house to give us a warm welcome and Serena stopped playing in the garden to pounce on Beatrice like a crazy little monkey... Meanwhile, I was a little worried about my luggage and Santo, because I lost sight of him a long time ago. But there he was, crouched between the guts of the back seat of the car, which he took care of with his sharp "little fingernails" during the trip. The house was rocky, organic and more than extraordinary. It was built on the cliff, among large and diverse trees that protected it from the four winds and secured the foundations with their roots. The house had grown gradually, like the family members themselves, and according to the needs of each moment. A collage or a puzzle? In any case, a welcoming, beautiful and extremely authentic house. Its interior was much larger than its exterior, with infinite multipurpose rooms, spectacular viewpoints, reading and meeting places, cozy rooms and chimerical work areas... an architectural miracle for a family without equal. The truth is that it could not be otherwise.