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Textos y otros

Madrid. July 2012 January 2013
Artistas: Alicia Martín, Alfredo G. Revuelta, Arturo Prins, Martin & Sicilia, Deva Sand, Marchesi, Illán Argüello, Laura Salguero, Borja Cebrián, Jabi Machado y Miguel Ángel G. Granado.
A sufficiently undocumented project by Blinky R. Rodriguez
(…) I therefore decided to investigate the subject further, since the truth is that those unlikely testimonies that people held as a vast cloud of mosquitoes on the roofs of almost the entire country, became something already difficult to ignore.

I confess that at first I thought that all this was just a trick that was playing on my mind, in a delirious or conspiratorial obsession that someone had infected me. But soon that distressing feeling passed when the volume of testimonies surpassed any personal comment.

I remember that some well-dressed gentlemen who went out to smoke outside a large building included me in a conversation without eating or drinking it. Amidst the smoke of their cigars, their eyes shone telling of the adventures of one of the most suspicious representatives of a new and emerging alternative party. They spoke with concern and with an excitement that was difficult to conceal. Apparently the above mentioned had been found again in a shack on the outskirts of Madrid, this time dressed in a big blue rabbit costume, and was thus engaged in animating the birthday parties of the most disadvantaged children. – They say he was born in one of those shacks, and now he has become a «political animal» hungry for justice. You could write a book full of implausible anecdotes that follow an absurd path»- taking a long puff on his cigarette, he continued to say to me- «we know that in reality he has his party confused, he knows how to change his surroundings, but I believe that he is a sort of mentalist or illusionist with a lot of help behind him»- he looked at me and with a stealthy voice finished:- «I would be very careful with someone like that…»,.

The newspapers and public opinion did not know how to express a firm opinion about that political «daimon», although many agreed that his speeches were crushing, devastating, brilliant, fulminating, even someone described his common sense as «jaws capable of devouring anything based on a lie».

-A renowned philosopher, with whom I was lucky enough to have an interview, said to me, «We camouflaged our desire for his advent, we cried out for someone who had the guts to come up with a new recipe and throw away this enormous ratatouille that we have been kneading for years. Someone with the ability to open or break a window to air this thick, overloaded, extremely mediocre and self-absorbed environment. We had a dense, recalcitrant and self-destructive climate. We were becoming a self-centered teenager. This country was doing nothing to change what wasn’t working, we were attached to the obsolete, and we kept whining, in constant complaint. But now the putrid is about to ferment, it is time for transmutation, we are about to consummate a process» -unconscious alchemy? -I asked,

-No,» he replied flatly, «alchemy of the subconscious, collective, in this case. (…) We should already know that «nature» has a process of self-regeneration to balance itself that operates beyond what our little nutty heads can ever comprehend. Sometimes we think that we can glimpse the meaning and logic of some possible rules of the game, but for most people the time of awakening has not yet come, that’s why we receive the teachings with sticks».

Once again I found myself before the old table in my library with hundreds of cuttings scattered all over the room; a crazy story was being built in my head by randomly gathering those testimonies. I felt like a Dada witnessing the origin of creation. Perhaps the only thing that comes out of here is an absurd poetry by means of a collective narrator. Maybe I’ll just end up with a nice collage, what’s the difference!

That play began like this:

«His face is androgynous, his nature elusive and elusive, he is a hermaphrodite. «It represents the rebirth of a vivifying gaze, in a people with a hope that is about to fade away.

«What is clear is that this being demonstrates with ‘facts’ the ‘sayings’. «He denotes an archaic stink, but he wears a new suit that produces hallucinogenic effects.» «He is a pilot fish of the new paradigm, he is not feared, but the change he represents.» – «How can anyone talk about peace in a convincing way in a war suit?

– «has no official car, queues at the supermarket and plants tomatoes»

– «The new knowledge is born from the voices of the past»

– «It’s a hidden invasion, an alien circus that laughs at us.»

– «With every appearance he throws a tear gas with side effects into cheap sentimentality, the million dollar question is: where will he get such effective material?»

– «He is a farmer with his hands stained with earth; he returns the trade as truth. The empire of artificial hyper-reality is over, as Rei-fah said: the return to the garden.»

– «They say he makes and sews his own clothes by hand, defends man’s skins, as that crazy Austrian did «v – «he’s willing to end all this to start from scratch, he’s a kamikaze»


It will continue…
Blinky R. Rodríguez.